Long Table in Baroque Style


Long table in baroque style made of Molave ​​precious wood. Tabletop with frame, center panel in one piece of wood. Strong baluster-shaped legs. Underframe with 'H-lines' that gather and support the legs, which are finished with acanthus cuts. Made of Molave ​​precious wood - a very beautiful type of wood which is protected today.

The Philippines was a Spanish colony until 1898 and has a tradition of European-style tables for monasteries and Spanish-related families. The Philippines 1860-1880.

More Information
SKU 105114
Origin Philippines
Year 1860-1880
Measurements H: 76,5 | W: 252 | D: 88
Material Molave ​​hard wood
Color Philippines
Location Kirstinehøj
Style Baroque style


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