Ming & Qing Dynasty

Pair of Late Ming Dynasty Silk Road Carved Stone Guardian Lions

Rare pair of large Chinese carved stone foo dog guardian lions. Originated from a house of a mandarin (a public official in the Chinese Empire), located on The Silk Road.
Here they were placed in front of the gate, with the gate doors mounted on the base behind the lions.
The pair consist of a male with a ball on his back, and a female holding a puppy. The ball represents the world and the puppy represents nature or a nurturing spirit.
One stand lightly carved with a horse, the other with a deer. The front of the stand is carved with camel motifs, which is a typical symbol of Silk Road's many camel caravans.
Made during the late Ming dynasty, circa 16th-17th Century. They are in very well preserved original condition.

Foo Dogs are a traditional Chinese architectural ornament placed inside or outside a building and are meant to protect your home or workplace from negative energy.
More Information
SKU 104334
Year 1500-1600
Measurements H: 94 / 93 - W: 80 / 70 - D: 35 / 32
Material Stone
Color China
Style Ming


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